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All round tags are handstamped in 14 gauge aluminum for a tag that is both thick and light. Each tag comes with a split ring to attach to your dog's collar.

The front of each tag is stamped with a snappy, sporty saying, a sarcastic comment, a bad dog sport pun, something cute or sweet, or maybe even just "worst dog ever." Whatever text you like, either an existing Game On phrase or one all your own (provided it fits!) can grace the front of your dog's tag. The back is reserved for your dog's name and your contact info. I know phone numbers may change, but many of us keep our old e-mail forever - that's why I can stamp your e-mail address rather than a phone number (once again, provided it fits.)

And the star of the show - all our little stamped images! Take a peek at the stamps page to see everything we have available to decorate your tags. I'm always open for suggestions on new dog sport images to add, too, so hit the e-mail link at the top right and let me know if you have a great idea you'd like to see!

Pick of the litter tags are a slightly thinner (18 gauge) aluminum and can fit less information due to their shape, but we'll do our best! So if you want to rock out with your pup, snag the Pick tag option on our store page.

Don't worry too much about fit - I have multiple styles and sizes of text! And if we really just can't make it work, I'll let you know and we'll come up with a different solution. You can always send me an e-mail before ordering and ask me what your options are for your front of tag text!





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