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I'm an athlete and so are my dogs - they play agility, herd sheep, play flyball, do dock dogs, and fancy themselves expert squirrel hunters. I didn't want a tag printed from a machine at the pet store, and I didn't just want a pawprint or a heart on my dog's tags. I wanted something to reflect all the unique things I do with my dogs. But where am I supposed to find a stamp of an agility jump?

Well, they don't exist. But with a bit of ingenuity (and a torch, some steel, and carving) I can MAKE that stamp! So I did.

Thanks to the awesome support of my friends, family, and a bunch of people from IndieGoGo, I was able to create these custom stamps and make my dog tag dreams a reality. Their support also allowed me to immediately begin producing tags at an affordable price rather than panicking over the large initial financial investment. I've got dogs and we play dog sports, I don't have much spare cash! And I know my buyers have tight dog budgets too. Affordable, cool tags were my goal, and I hope you feel I've achieved that goal.

I am a chick who calls the Midwest my home. My day job deals with web and graphics, my night job is training dogs, and somewhere in there I make room for doing art for myself and other people because I love it. I run half-marathons for fun because I'm half-crazy, and I have three little shelties I do various dog sports with. The old man Auggie is seven and he retired from agility after getting his MXP and MJP this summer, loves sheep so much he forgets how to use his brakes, and may start playing flyball soon. Pepper is the only girly, four years old, and just recently moved in with me full time to be trained up in agility. Payton is the crazy baby dog who likes the water and has caused me to place all the other dogs in the water too, and I have high hopes for him in agility, herding, and dock dogs. Then there's Georgie, Auggie's little niecelette, who belongs to my mother but will learn to play agility with me.





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