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Tags for the sporty dog: the one who runs, the one who plays, the one who does agility, the one who herds, the one who dock dives, and the one we love.

I know every dog - and dog sport! - is unique. Whether your dog spends his time in agility, herding, rally, obedience, herding, dock diving, lure coursing, or simply being the wide receiver of his food bowl, Game On! Tags will create a special handstamped aluminum ID tag that captures your passion (and sometimes frustration!) for the game, and your dog.
Beyond commercially available stamps, I've also custom created my own stamp designs featuring equipment from our favorite sports - a pawprint is great, but what about a flyball jump? An a-frame? How about a dock? And since I play these games myself, I know the dog budget gets tight some times. I've worked hard to be able to deliver uniquely created custom tags for a very affordable price.





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